Volunteer for CEDIA

CEDIA’s volunteer force is what keeps the association active and relevant and ensures that the future of the organisation remains stable. The work of our volunteers helps to support CEDIA’s mission. Without incredible volunteers, CEDIA’s innovative education opportunities for business growth and development would not be possible.

CEDIA volunteers gain as much as they give. Volunteers discover new skills, develop existing skills, build their professional network, and gain industry recognition. CEDIA has volunteer opportunities that fit your interests, expertise, and schedule.






  • Committees

  • Board of Directors

  • Co-author CEDIA publications

  • Presenting as a subject matter expert at ISE

  • Presenting CPD courses as an Outreach Instructor

  • Representing CEDIA on industry working groups i.e. IET

  • Help develop white papers and best practice documents

  • Supporting panel discussions at conferences

  • Development of local language documents (translating and proof reading)


Volunteers are led by their Board of Directors and supported by the CEDIA staff.

If you have questions please feel free to email volunteer@cedia.co.uk.


Volunteer Types:


  • ‚ÄčShapers: They participate in many different levels of association volunteer activities, but their contributions most often provide the association with direction and leadership. The most common shapers are Board Members, Committees, and Advisory Groups.

  • Creators: Spend their volunteer time writing and reviewing professional papers or other work. They serve as subject matter experts, bloggers, and content writers.

  • Educators: Show the ropes to other members. They mentor, provide advice, and disseminate knowledge as facilitators, instructors, or presenters.


How to apply:


  • Register online

  • CEDIA identify relevant volunteer role

  • Sign CEDIA's Volunteer Code of Conduct