Nomination Procedure


  • A call out for nominations is sent out to the CEDIA Membership inviting nominations for volunteer Board Members. Each nominee must be nominated by another CEDIA member and a deadline for submission is given.
  • Upon being nominated the nominee must complete and sign the “Responsibilities of the Board” document and supply a 50 word biography. 
  • Once the deadline has passed and submissions are received in full, the nominees may be interviewed to assess their specific skills and are put online along with their biog. Each CEDIA member is then invited to place 2 (two) votes. Again a deadline is set and any nominations received after this deadline are excluded.
  • Votes are counted the new Board of Directors is announced at the start of the year with the positions having been filled based on the knowledge and expertise of the volunteer and the existing strategy set by the current Board.
  • Each Board Member is voted in for the 2 (two) year period. 
  • Each volunteer can serve up to three terms up to a maximum of 6 (six) years.


Election Timings



October 12th Call for nominations
October 23rd Nominations close
October 28th Voting opens
November 20th Voting closes
November 25th Announcement of new Board  (CEDIA AGM)
1st January 2016 Tenure commences


Director Responsibilities


By accepting your role as a CEDIA Board member, you are recognising the important responsibility and undertaking in serving as a member of the Board of Directors of this organisation and have committed to the following:

  • A willingness to spend the time and effort necessary to give proper attention to Board duties. 
  • A willingness to be an official director of CEDIA UK, registered with Companies House.
  • Ability to work constructively and harmoniously with the staff, committee members and other Board members in accordance with the policies established by the board. 
  • A business and work experience that enables exercising sound judgment in considering the problems of the committee as related to the overall programme. 
  • Courage and ability to have an objective opinion and willingness to face Association and community problems even though the issue may be controversial. 
  • Ability to command the respect of fellow members and give leadership to committee members. 
  • Ability to inspire others to respond to worthwhile cause sponsored by the association and to motivate others to help on common problems. 
  • Demonstrate leadership ability through committee and other service. 
  • Ability to adhere to the confidentiality needed to conduct the business of the Association.


Board Member Mission Statement


  • I undertake to promote the growth and development of CEDIA through whatever means are necessary.
  • I agree to report to the Chairman on a monthly basis.
  • I agree to attend at least 3 Board meetings a year.
  • I agree to devote adequate time to CEDIA duties.
  • I agree to attend trade shows on behalf of CEDIA.
  • I agree to promote CEDIA.
  • I agree to a Mission Statement for the duration of my tenure.


Meeting Participation


As a board member it is your responsibility to:

  • Attend all required meetings
  • Do the necessary preparation for Board & committee meetings
  • Take part in the discussion
  • Focus discussion on the issues and limit comments to a reasonable time
  • Understand the basics of parliamentary procedure
  • Listen to what other board members have to say
  • Work toward a consensus on issues
  • Focus on the mission and Strategic Plan of CEDIA and the needs of those it serves


Criteria for a CEDIA Board Member Nominee


  • The member must be employed by or be a principal of a full CEDIA Member Company. 
  • The member must be actively and primarily engaged in the daily management of the full CEDIA Member Company, and the nominee must be headquartered there. 
  • The CEDIA Member Company must be up-to-date with their membership dues. 
  • The nominee must agree to adhere to the Responsibilities of A Board Member.


Guidelines for a Board of Directors Nominee


  • The CEDIA Member Company should have a stable business with a good business track record. 
  • The nominee should have synergy with the current board. 
  • The nominee and CEDIA Member Company should not have suffered any adverse ethics decisions. 
  • The nominee should be an active volunteer for CEDIA. 
  • The nominee should not be a member of any board of directors of an organisation whose purposes conflict with those of CEDIA. 
  • The nominee and CEDIA Member Company should be able to assure the existing board that the nominee can commit to the time and effort required of CEDIA.