Current CEDIA committee volunteers



Aim: To grow and retain CEDIA membership through continual evaluation of the value proposition and to foster relationships which promote commerce for members.

Alex Brownhill – CEDIA staff                                                                                                      
Jennifer McGuire - CEDIA staff
Steven Carter - CEDIA staff
Malcolm Heskins – Goldsystem
Mark Taylor – Invision UK 
Alex Josling – Seven Integration
Dan Adams - HDanywhere
Caroline Britt - RGB
Rob Sullivan - Electric String 


Industry Relations


Aim: To generate professional relationships with fellow professional bodies for the advancement of the role of CEDIA members.

Jennifer McGuire – CEDIA staff
Steven Carter - CEDIA staff
David Graham – Grahams Hi Fi
Adrian Ickeringill – Wyrestorm Technologies Europe 
Babs Moore – Amina Technologies
Rob Sutherland – Inspired Dwellings 
Stuart Burgess – Just Add Popcorn
Simon Fulstow – Sona Projects
David Webster – RGB Communications


Education and Standards


Aim: To drive industry best practices by ensuring the highest level of education, delivery and on-line learning, and gather information pertaining to industry stakeholders about relevant codes and standards, analyse and distill it and communicate the results to them. The Education and Standards Committee will attempt to positively influence codes and standards relevant to, and for the benefit of CEDIA Members.

Simon Buddle – CEDIA staff
Aneta Armova – CEDIA staff
Phil Cotton - Finite Solutions
Geoff Meads – Presto Audio Visual
Mal Fisher – AWE
Sam Woodward - Lutron
Peter Krawczyk – Smart Space Group                                                                                            
Peter Aylett – Archimedia
Guy Singleton – Imagine This
Krystian Zajac – Andrew Lucas




Aim: To sustain a consistent brand awareness campaign and to identify and review marketing communications and publications internally and externally.Matt Nimmons – CEDIA staff

James Bliss – CEDIA staff
Lydia Whitney - CEDIA staff
Scott Campbell – ARCAM 
Richard Jones - Clever Association
Tennant - Cyberhomes
Lucinda Wood - Loxone
Dee Mckeown - HD Connectivity




Aim: To assess and adjudicate complaints relating to CEDIA members

Select members of the CEDIA Board of Directors