#hometechPROject Canford Cliffs

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Cre8tive Rooms received a proposal to install the latest, high-end technology into three luxury smart homes in a spectacular development in Canford Cliffs, Dorset.


The development marries iconic architecture with the natural contours and features of the land to create an environment of unmatched beauty. The client wanted smart homes that would attract all sorts of people — the very technical, the business person, or someone that just wanted the simplest of systems. To meet the client’s needs and keep a technological balance, Cre8tive Rooms created a high-tech environment that is easy to use, compliments the internal design, and would help the developer sell the houses.



Cre8tive Rooms was requested to install a Savant Smart Host system, as well as the SHC-2000, Savant Music, PAV- SMS2001, SSA-3220D, and AMP-2000i. The aim is for users to be able to access and manage these homes via an easy to use app or through a remote control.


Rako lighting control has been installed throughout the properties to build the perfect environment that is simplistic, easy to use, and fits perfectly within the design. With distributed audio required throughout the property, Sonance speakers have been installed in the ceilings and walls. HDAnywhere video matrix distributes video into multiple rooms, allowing users to access multiple sources of entertainment from any of the Sony UHD televisions.


The client requested a security system, so Cre8tive Rooms opted for LILIN CCTV and NVR systems. With the properties all featuring floor to ceiling glass, QMotion shades were installed and are controlled via the Savant app.



An uncompromised expression of individuality, where breath taking architecture unites with exceptional interior design, culminating in a unique collection of homes that blur the boundaries between the natural world and the man-made.



Hafsa Mirza

1st Oct  2018