As the world of smart home technology continues to evolve, home technology professionals are taking this tech to the seas and allowing clients to have a similar experience on their yachts.  This year, CEDIA member, Archimedia, was awarded Best Yacht Installation at the CEDIA Awards 2016 for one of its latest yacht projects, Majesty 155, which features the latest technology, including a fully integrated smart control system, multiroom AV and remote monitoring hardware. Judges described this project as ‘a very impressive installation, despite a constraining brief.’

Not an average AV installation project, yacht installations require different skills, equipment and technology to the typical residential project. The client for this project was a yacht builder that tends to sell most of its yachts post-completion. As there is no specific owner to consult during the construction phase, Archimedia had to design and install a system that would please any end user and be customisable to their needs once they owned the boat.

Archimedia installed a state-of-the-art audio-visual system using a number of Savant control products, including Savant’s SmartAudio 12-zone distributed audio platform. Sound is distributed evenly and subtly throughout the yacht using a number of Sonance in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers.

The yacht features a Kaleidesape movie server, satellite receivers and Apple TVs, allowing the user to access international television at the push of a button. To help reflect light around the yacht and to keep the interior spacious and non-confined, Archimedia installed Platina 32” mirror TVs within many of the cabins. Bluetooth and Apple Airplay allow flexible mobile device streaming to any on board AV device. The yacht’s navigation systems are integrated into the AV distribution system allowing access to navigation data on any installed screen.

Unlike many yachts, entertainment on-board Majesty 155 isn’t restricted to internal cabins. Archimedia installed a 55” Platina outdoor TV and drop-down screens to transform the outside decking area into an audio-visual entertainment hub. The external screens are paired with marine-grade outdoor speakers for the ultimate weather-proof experience.

Unlike home technology projects, yachts tend to have no fixed location and are constantly on the move. As such, one of the most fundamental requirements with any yacht project is to ensure a reliable and secure integration system whilst the yacht is at sea. Archimedia installed an Ihiji remote monitoring and management hardware system to provide remote diagnostics and alert the after-sales support team to any technical malfunctions that may occur at sea.

Throughout the project, Archimedia worked closely with the client, Gulfcraft, a semi-custom builder of yachts. After working with Gulfcraft and the Majesty Yacht fleet for over four years, Archimedia has formed a great relationship with the client and knows exactly how to meet their needs, quality control checks and strict deadlines, as any delay could jeopardise the entire project. This great partnership is evident in the seamless design and installation of all smart technology on-board, which complements the yacht’s interior décor impeccably.

A Gulfcraft representative commented: “In line with our bespoke designs, premium craftsmanship and innovative outlook that extends beyond our engineering framework, Archimedia has always contributed to the overall excellence of our yachts by sharing the same principles to which we aspire. Their ability to engineer audio-visuals and control systems for our yachts is above all; they constantly strive to understand our requirements and ensure that the system proposed always meets those requirements. Archimedia is a core component of our current success and we hope that the relationship continues from strength to strength.”

Archimedia achieved the client’s brief of enhancing the value of the yacht through smart home technology. Without the freedom of knowing who the end user would be, Archimedia designed a system that has the potential and capacity to be expanded and customised to the desires of any future owner.