Free legal advice for members of CEDIA

Leeds Day will provide up to one hour of free legal advice for members of CEDIA subject to the following conditions:-

  • Members must be introduced to Leeds Day through Alex Brownhill of CEDIA.  Direct contact will not entitle a CEDIA member to any free advice.
  • Leeds Day reserve the right to curtail the advice given if it is apparent that there is no cause of action, legal issue or appropriate advice can be given in a much shorter period of time.
  • The one hour advice to which you are entitled is measured in 6 minute units. We will count a) the initial telephone attendance  b)time spent considering documents, c) time spent in necessary research and) time spent preparing our initial advice when calculating the one hour we offer you through this scheme.
  • You will be asked to compete and respond to an initial email confirming statutory information we are required to provide.  We will not be able to offer you any advice if you do not respond to this email.
  • Free advice will not be given more than once on the same matter or set of circumstances.  In this regard, additional heads of claim, or additional issues arising from the same, or substantially the same set of circumstances will be treated as the same matter.
  • Leeds Day reserves the right to advise at an early stage and not to give further advice if either the subject matter is of no merit or the potential defendant to any claim is of no substance and not worthy of pursuit.
  • Leeds Day will not be under any obligation to enter into correspondence with a third party as a result of this advice, but may choose to do so where they consider it expedient and appropriate.
  • Leeds Day will confirm their initial advice in written format, which may be by email.
  • Members will be requested to formally instruct Leeds Day if they wish their matter to be pursued further at the conclusion of the initial free advice period.

For more information on Leeds Day visit their website www.leedsday.co.uk

Note: CEDIA reserves the right to modify, alter or change any of the CEDIA membership benefits at its sole discretion, with or without notice to its members.