CEDIA Groups

Discover more on CEDIA’s newest member benefit, CEDIA Groups. Network, collaborate and gain unique industry insight from other Home Technology Professionals.

What are CEDIA Groups?


This peer-to-peer networking initiative available to all Home Technology Proferssionals will provide you the opportunity to discuss every facet of the integration business with your peers and share best practice. Each CEDIA Group will discuss the challenges and also opportunities that have come their way, in a confidential and non-competitive manner.

The idea behind these groups is for companies to tap into a deep knowledge base and learn from each other. CEDIA Groups can meet monthly via teleconference and the agenda is set by the group and its team leader based on the needs of the participants.

Groups are provided with resources and support from CEDIA staff but each is unique and tailored to help participants drive success in their business.

Who Can Participate?

The CEDIA Groups program is exclusively for CEDIA members and is included in their membership fees. Participants are grouped based on the size of their company and the time zone they reside in.

Groups will have access to resources, a staff liaison and a dedicated conference call number to meet on a monthly basis. Agendas are built by the group, and an Advisor is asked to be part of the discussion to share their experience and advice related to the topics.

How to Get Started

If you are a Home Technology Proferssional, ready to expand your network, be part of a supportive group and learn from industry leaders, then a CEDIA Group is right for you. Complete the CEDIA Groups enquiry form and be a part of CEDIA’s newest member benefit.

CEDIA Groups forms part of the association’s objective to develop and facilitate new community-building initiatives for year-round networking, mentorship and idea sharing.

Take your CEDIA experience to the next level by joining a CEDIA Group today.