Size and Scope 2018

Welcome to CEDIA's 2018 Size and Scope survey for the UK Residential Technology market.

This survey will take a deep dive into your business. We know your time is valuable: To thank you for helping CEDIA gain this critical market information, CEDIA Members will receive a full report of the study findings.

Please enter your company name below to begin the survey. This will not be stored, and is only used to allow you to resume the survey if you don't have time to complete it all at once.




Terms and Conditions:

Only one participant from each company will be eligible for the gift. Participants must qualify to complete the survey, by replying appropriately to the 10 qualifying questions in the questionnaire. To be eligible for the gift, participants must complete all of the contact details form at the beginning of the survey. The gift will only be available to participants who complete the survey in 2018. Gift cards will be ditributed on the Tuesday or Friday AFTER you complete the survey.