Using Mobile Devices as a Control Platform

CEDIA has released the third white paper in its Mobile Devices in Residential Systems Integration series - Using Mobile Devices as a Control Platform.

Mobile devices have become a ubiquitous part of our everyday life. From high-end to budget-conscious clients, nearly everyone has a smart phone or a tablet in their hands. Many clients want to use these same devices to control or automate their home entertainment systems and other applications such as energy monitoring. Using Mobile Devices as a Control Platform will address the gap in electronic systems professionals’ (ESPs’) knowledge on this subject.

This document will describe the current landscape of using mobile devices for integrated system control applications and will provide system designers and technicians with guidance on design considerations in integration and automation with mobile devices, including considerations for supplementing proprietary touch- screens with mobile devices. This document is part of a series of white papers discussing mobile devices and wireless networks.

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