Charlton Farm Children's Hospice Receives Cinema Room

In November 2016, Adrian Ickeringill and the WyreStorm team jumped on the opportunity to donate time and skills to provide Charlton farm children’s hospice in Bristol with a brand new £18,000 home cinema.

Charlton Farm, which is located in Wraxall, just to the west of Bristol, provides hospice care for children with life-limiting conditions, and their whole family.  The care offered is wide ranging – from respite and short breaks to emergency care, palliative care, and end of life care. 

Ian Morrish, Founder of Together For Cinema, had been in contact with Charlton Farm since April 2012, but for a number of reasons, the project didn’t get underway until December 2016, when a plan was put in place, and the go ahead was given to convert the games room into a cinema and home entertainment multi-functional room. It was at this point that Ian sought to find an integrator to take on the project.

“Having supplied Together for Cinema with extenders for the last couple of years, , we as a team, wanted to help further” explained Dave Schorah from WyreStorm. “When the Charlton Farm Cinema came up, local to our offices, it was a great opportunity for the WyreStorm team to get involved.”

Viewing the designated room, it was immediately agreed that a cinema upgrade was possible, whilst still maintaining its multi-functionality. Challenges were spotted from the word go, but nothing was unachievable.

With ISE taking place in February, two to three months were given to gather the required products. Manufacturers’ generosity shone, with  the likes of Monitor Audio, Middle Atlantic (via RGB Communications), Arcam, Epson, Dataflow, QMotion, and of course, WyreStorm all donating the required products. NAD, iRoom and Enado also stepped up and donated several systems.

The install began in April 2017, with the first visit involved cabling and installing the surround sound speakers, drop down screen, which was supplied via Premier Group, and an iRoom iPad docking station. The next phase involved the rack, AV receiver, and projector.  The last pieces to the puzzle included the control system and automated blinds.

“Now the system is in place and being used by staff and family staying at Charlton Farm, it is wonderful to see the impact it is having” said Dave. “It was a great honour to be involved in such a brilliant charity as “Together For Cinema” and we would highly recommend installers to volunteer with local Hospice’s as it makes such a difference!”

The cinema room will positively impact the children and their families in the hospice. All products and services were sourced, supplied and installed free of charge. The total cost of the project was in the region of £18,000 (for an end user price). WyreStorm has also committed itself to all servicing and technical queries post install.

“The Games Room at Charlton Farm was transformed by Together for Cinema into the perfect cinema” commented Steve Benson at Charlton Farm Children’s Hospice. “This is something that children and adults of all ages will use for many years to come as it has added that extra dimension for the families and affected children here at Charlton Farm. The cinema is wonderful, not only does it provide a sensory experience for our children but provides a huge joyful boost for the siblings. We cannot thank the installation team enough for their time and effort. It was an incredible job from the outset and we will be forever thankful for all the pleasure it has already given to families and children who have stayed here and who will stay in the future.”


  • Arcam (AV Receiver): AVR850 (acted as AV switch for system components)
  • Enado (Control): ENA-100-010 19” rack mounted control system (hosting HTML5-based control UI, triggering & controlling all components in system via easy macros)
  • Epson (Projector): EH-TW6100 in white
  • iRoom (Docking Station): iRoom iDock for iPad Air (keeping iPad, for control UI, secure and charged in removable wall docking station)
  • Middle Atlantic, donated by RGB Communications (Racking): 24U with lockable drawer
  • Monitor Audio (Speakers): Soundframe 5.1 speaker system in white
  • Monitor Audio (Sub-Woofer): CW10 in black
  • NAD (Blu-Ray Player): T567 BT Blu-Ray Player
  • Premier Group, part funded by Dataflow (Screen): Sapphire Electric Screen (16:9) remote Control Electric Screen, 270.3cm x 151.9cm.
  • QMotion (Automated Blinds): Battery Powered with On Wall Remote Control
  • WyreStorm (Accessories):
  • EX-35-H2: AVR to existing TV inc. control
  • EX-70-H2X: AVR to projector inc. control
  • NHD-400-TX/RX: Sending SkyHD box (located in nearby building) over existing LAN fibre link, via 2 network switches into cinema room

On top of the list above, many other products and accessories were generously donated by WyreStorm.


  • Ian Morrish, Founder of Together For Cinema, and Sales Manager, Integrated Systems Europe
  • Adrian Ickeringill (with Wyrestorm at the time of the install, but since moved to Invision)
  • Dave Schorah (Product Manager), WyreStorm
  • Alex Martin (IP & Control Support Engineer), WyreStorm
  • Nick Roberts (Training & Specification Manager), WyreStorm

Together For Cinema is currently looking for manufacturers and distributors to donate a range of products, including media servers, blu-ray players, iPads, Freeview boxes, and flat screens (50”+).  If you would like to be involved please contact Ian Morrish at ian@ad-con.demon.co.uk.