Ian Bolt, Chairman of CEDIA member, Custom Sight & Sound, argues that this is a great time to be having a home cinema conversation with clients.

No one likes overly pushy sales-people. I can’t bear them.

In our business, it certainly helps if we’re not always the ones driving the conversation with our clients or prospective clients.

The good news is that, at present, there are plenty of others doing the talking for us when it comes to home cinema.

First off, there’s IMAX Enhanced.

The launch of this new certification program aims to bring “unrivalled AV quality to homes around the world”. They’ve also said that more movies either filmed or formatted for IMAX screens will be made available in expanded aspect ratios for home viewing.

How this actually plays out in reality will be interesting to see.  I, for one, am guarded that the roll-out of this program doesn’t actually undermine the perception of IMAX as a premium experience in the eyes of consumers. Also, let’s be clear, I’m not expecting to see a huge upsurge in the number of actual IMAX cinemas installed in UK homes.  

However, what this move does give us is a new and exciting opportunity to talk with our clients about creating an immersive cinema experience in the home.  We’re also at a point where we have a fantastic range of audio-visual technology available that can help us bring that experience to life for our clients,

Today, in truth, we can deliver anything that ranges from pretty good to glorious, whatever the budget restriction might be.  The start-point of the conversation may well be IMAX but the end-point will likely be the kind of professionally designed system which is the staple of our industry.

The continuing proliferation of great quality content via Netflix, Amazon Prime and multiple other streaming services is also helpful to integrators.

It’s our responsibility to make life simple for our clients. Since these streaming service providers have zero intention of living on an integrated, common platform, the job of creating a simple, custom solution for our clients belongs to us. The requirement for our clients to easily navigate their content providers, find what they want and consume it plays very strongly to the skills of the technology integrator.

Finally, there’s a lot of talk out there about wellness, whether that’s in the workplace or the home. You can’t move for advice on what you can do to improve your fitness and well-being!  

Going to the movies has always been about entertainment, enjoyment and escape into a different world.

More than that, a number of studies actually show that cinema is good for you. Back in 2005, the Institute for Social and Economic Research suggested that people who visit the cinema once a month may be less prone to anxiety and depression. A recent study in the journal Heart found that laughing through a funny film could help to dilate the blood vessels, improve blood flow and release endorphins to help people feel more relaxed and well.

Think how our clients can reduce those levels with more frequent visits to a professionally designed, immersive home cinema. I know it may sound a bit of a stretch but home cinema does tap into this wellness trend, and will continue to do so. And, what’s good for our client and their family is also good for our business.