Excel with The CEDIA Designer

Anand Lulla from Pune-based CEDIA Member AVXellence explains how The CEDIA Designer (TCD) software has transformed the way his company does business.

We subscribed to the TCD software quite soon after its launch in June 2016. TCD is a cloud-based, interactive, standards-driven online tool.  

We thought that it could significantly help our business, and we’ve been proved right.

Preparing design quotes has always been very time consuming and since it is just a proposal, there is a chance that we do not land the project. The TCD tool reduces this time drastically and enables our design proposals to look very professional.

Using TCD, we can produce a complete 30+ page cinema design proposal including audio and video calibration reports, aesthetic renders accurately reflecting the finished room, and 3D CAD drawings of the room. It brings the entire cinema design process into one place: we can enter in the dimensions of the room and then work methodically through the entire cinema design. TCD specifies the precise location of the loudspeakers, screen, seating, projector, provides amplification and processor requirements, calculates the RT60 value, and much more.

TCD improves our company image as the client is always impressed with our efforts.

We use TCD only for dedicated cinema rooms and have used it for approximately 20 proposals so far. In one particular project we used TCD to design a high-performance theatre room that a client wanted to create in the basement of his villa. The total area was around 10m x 9m, but the client was unsure if he wanted a dedicated home theatre by splitting the area into two to create a cinema space and a separate entertainment area, or if he wanted a multi-purpose open plan entertainment room. After much discussion, the family decided they wanted an open, large multi-purpose entertainment room which included a home theatre system.

The client was super impressed when we shared our design proposal. He had enquired with a few other AV dealers for this project. However, after seeing the complete design and the layout that we had recommended for the dedicated cinema room, the client decided to go with us simply because the quality of our proposal impressed him.

As a result, the system that was finally installed was quite different from the original TCD proposal but has been an excellent solution for the client and a proud design and installation for our team.

In our view, it’s clear that other integrators should take advantage of what TCD offers.

TCD is also a product that’s getting better all the time.  For example, the latest software update enables integrators to quickly email their clients an immersive 360° render file of any proposed theatre room — supportive of, but without the need for specialist viewing equipment. The TCD user designs the technical elements of any dedicated theatre room using the software, then selects the way the room will look by choosing from a plethora of décor and equipment options in TCD's render tool. The immersive render is generated automatically by the software, taking just 15-20 minutes to create the file.

The client can open the immersive render file directly from an email and view it on an Android or iOS phone, tablet, computer, or VR headset. If opening and viewing on a phone or tablet, all the client needs do is download a free panorama viewer app such as Photosphere or Panorama 360 Camera, then open the file using the chosen app to view their cinema room.

The demand for well-designed home theatre systems is increasing. Easy access to quality movies and TV shows from Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and Apple iTunes is fuelling this demand. It is time that integrators take a professional approach to servicing their clients’ needs. TCD helps integrators like us present our solution in superb fashion and eliminates the guesswork.

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