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Integrated Experience Limited

Integrated Experience Limited

Richmond Bridge House
419 Richmond Road
United Kingdom

Telephone +44 (0)20 7846 0345
Email hello@integratedexperience.com

Integrated Experience develop software solutions exclusively for the residential sector. Working primarily with integrators, we create some of the most intuitive, user-focused and reliable Crestron and Lutron software possible.

Many integrators have the installation skills to tackle large, complex integration projects but are not yet at a point where having a full-time programmer in-house is an achievable goal. We can help you design and implement these larger projects without having to take on that permanent overhead, and give you the support you need to communicate confidence to your clients.

We also work with larger installers who have in-house programmers but, from time to time, require assistance due to a lack of capacity.

With a background in the programming and management of installations, we have a deep understanding of what is important to you and your clients, and will work alongside your engineering team during the commissioning process to ensure that your project is delivered to the standards and timescales your clients demand.