Global Vision FAQs

What Are the Goals of Global Integration?

  1. Strengthen and amplify the global voice and influence of CEDIA, moving forward with one unified strategy in every region at every level from member benefits to training and beyond.
  2. Ensure that every member worldwide has access to the global benefits of membership with consistency in member categories, benefits and dues.
  3. Promote financial efficiencies and decrease expenses and tax burdens that will allow greater investment of assets for the benefit of members.
  4. Support our members’ global activities.


‚ÄčWhy are CEDIA and CEDIA EMEA proposing to integrate?

CEDIA EMEA has operated under a licensing agreement with CEDIA since the inception of that regional office in 1997. The two entities have enjoyed a strong, cooperative partnership over the last 19 years. However, with the increased globalisation of members’ businesses coupled with increasing operational alignment through last year’s brand strategy work, and the hiring of a new CEO, the two organisations quickly identified ways in which the member experience could be more seamless, the brand more consistent and our services to the industry improved. The two Boards have reached the consensus that the best way forward is to ensure one unified strategy through a formal global integration. “Better Together” is the mantra and working in alignment will allow us to speak with one global voice, tackle challenges with worldwide resources, and increase efficiencies for the benefit of our members.     


What are the benefits to the global integration?

The integration would strengthen the influence of the association, and the profile of its members, both globally and locally through providing global membership and increased operational efficiencies. It allows CEDIA to better advocate for members who work across international borders, and deploy beneficial resources wherever is required by our members wherever they are in the world.

We will combine our resources and efforts in developing products and services, with an emphasis on education allowing access to skills training no matter where members are located. And, our focus on reigniting and fostering membership in underserved countries will be spearheaded by Wendy Griffiths in her new role of Vice President, Global Development.  


What will happen to the individual offices?

CEDIA will maintain the individual offices in Indianapolis and Cambridgeshire. We recognise that much of the success of the association is our ability to provide regional benefits and provide connection in local markets. Our staff are entrenched with members in their markets and the strong local representation and local execution will continue at this high level.


Will my day-to-day contact change?

CEDIA believes that our success lies in our relationships and in-market expertise so your day-to-day contacts will remain unchanged. What will change is that members will have access to a much broader support system through our collective staff and our global network of resources. Matt Nimmons has accepted the position of Managing Director, EMEA, and will oversee the operations and staff in the Cambridgeshire office.


How will CEDIA be governed?

CEDIA will streamline its governance to make decision-making more efficient, representative and consistent. The association will initially be governed by a 13-person global board, comprising nine directors elected by and representing the geographical interests of the members, and up to four appointed directors. All nine elected directors are home technology professionals chosen on the strength of their knowledge, professionalism, leadership and commitment to the channel and to the success of CEDIA. This group will have the ability to appoint up to an additional four skills-based directors at their first board meeting in January 2017.


How will the first global board be chosen?

CEDIA EMEA members will be invited to affirm the slate of EMEA members of the unified global board by voting to transfer their EMEA membership interest to a global membership interest during a vote at this year’s AGM. You can view the proposed slate for the first global Board of Directors here.