We interviewed Alastair Benn, Managing Director at Aquavision about Home Technology, being a CEDIA

Alastair Benn, Managing Director, Aquavision
Alastair Benn,
Managing Director, Aquavision

Member, and where the market is heading.


Who are you?

Alastair Benn
What’s your company and where is it based?
Aquavision is a manufacturer of bathroom televisions. We are based in the leafy suburbs of Hertfordshire, UK.
How did you get into the industry?
I was always interested in audio and built my first DJ system when I was 13. This was the starting point for me, and it progressed from there to the live music scene, and then commercial audio and AV systems. Life progressed further, and Aquavision was born.
Which home technology do you consider the most important today and why?
Intuitive technology is important, as it enhances your lifestyle and enables you to do things that you couldn’t otherwise do.  I’d also home cinemas, as these set ups enable you to immerse yourself in the experience of a movie, whilst being with your family in the luxury of your own home.
How long have you been a CEDIA member?
I have been a CEDIA member for 3 years.
What do you enjoy most about being a CEDIA member?
I enjoy the opportunities to network with the industry. This allows us to share information and learn from others, all of which is hugely beneficial.
If there was one thing you could change in the industry what would it be?
I would like to see CEDIA become a regulated trade body like CORGI and NICEIC.  This would not only raise the bar for installers, but manufacturers too.  The product, warranty and support should go through the same vetting process.  This would educate the consumer on which products and services they should invest in, offering utter peace of mind.
What’s the best product that Aquavision has launched into the home technology market in the last year?
Our world’s first HDBaseT powered television. The new sets incorporate a built-in ConnecTV Active module, which eliminates the need for a separate power cable by utilising up to 60W of power over HDBaseT (PoH) and also delivers Full HD and audio, 100BaseT Ethernet and control when connected to HDBaseT Lite matrix switchers and extenders.
What’s the next focus for Aquavision?
We will be announcing a brand new product range at Invision’s HTS2016 (Home Technology Showcase) on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th May Mercedes-Benz World.  What I can divulge is that we have designed a solution with the installer in mind.
What’s the most interesting Aquavision project you have collaborated on recently and why?
We were asked by a dealer, whose client found our 65" Elite 4K TV too small for the scale of their swimming pool room, if we could supply a special 85" screen.  The size increase was a significant change and challenge.  We had to redesign the layout of our facility and install a hoist to be able to lift the screen.  We priced it up and were successful, so we now include this size in our range as standard.  The screens are truly stunning and the customer was ultimately thrilled with their Elite 4K 85".
If you weren’t in the home technology sector, what would you like to be doing and why?
I would be living the dream and travelling around the world. I would soon get bored though and return to product design and development in the home technology sector, as it’s so exciting and fast moving.