The Big Interview: Zohir Ramodiya, Boom AV

We catch up with Zohir Ramodiya from Mumbai’s Boom AV to talk about one of their most recent integrated home projects and how the company delivered a fantastic installation. 
Can you describe this property?
This is a duplex penthouse, totalling around  4500 sq. ft, within a new-build 45-storey apartment block. The property included four bedrooms, 2 media rooms, a large living room with an attached terrace, a kitchen and staff area. 
How did the project come about?   
We were referred to the client through one of their friends whose home we had recently completed. He was happy with our proposed solution and our ability to cover AV, networking and integration all under one roof.
What did the client want? 
The client is fairly tech inclined and asked for a centralised AV system where he could distribute audio and video from a central source. The client entertains a fair bit and wanted his living room and extended terrace to double up as an entertainment area with a high SPL sound system.
One of the media rooms was for general TV viewing and the other he wanted to be designed as an integrated space with a projector and screen where the family could get together to watch movies, TV shows and the kids could use for gaming. In the terrace attached to the Living Room, he needed a display system that could be used when entertaining for viewing music videos or sporting events. 
Describe your solution 
To achieve the client’s wishes, we have installed a centralised AV system, over which we distribute audio and video throughout the residence. 
In addition, we have an outdoor projection system in the terrace and a club level sound system for the living area in terms of sound pressure levels and sound quality. As this was a beautifully designed home, we had to be extremely careful when selecting speakers, as we did not want to disrupt the design aesthetic created by the interior designer. The speakers were small enough to blend into the design elements of each area and the subwoofers were hidden behind acoustically transparent panels. 
The AV, networking and integration equipment is housed in a centrally located rack that allows for active thermal management. To maximise system uptime, we have installed an enterprise grade network that acts as the back-end for the distributed AV system. Remote access allows the client to monitor the kids via the CCTV cameras and also keep track of allocated TV time when they are away from home. 
To ensure the clients are not overwhelmed with the complexity of the back-end system, we have created a simple to use interface that allows the system to be used by all members in the family. 
What particular challenges did you face?
The integration of the components in the media room was particularly difficult as we had a window facing the seating position. This made it tough to find a space to install the LCR speakers and the projection screen. In addition, the video display in the terrace was challenging as it was in an area exposed to the elements and Mumbai faces a particularly harsh monsoon season every year.
To deliver an immersive surround sound solution for the media room, we worked with the carpenters to create a space that was in front of the curtain pelmet to house the speakers and the projection screen. This allowed us to camouflage the speakers and keep the design free of any intrusion into the living space. The 5.1.2 speaker configuration with a 2.40:1 projector and screen combination creates an incredible surround sound experience.
For the outdoor display system, we installed the projector in an IP66 rated enclosure that was hidden behind a wall panel. To ensure that this system was discrete, we worked with the interior design team to choose a finish on the projection wall surface that allows for near perfect image projection. This gives the client the ability to have a large screen when required and, when not in use, there is no visible display panel.
What is the client’s verdict?
We completed the project in January 2019 and the client and his family are extremely happy with the system. They particularly like the ease of use for what is essentially a fairly complex back-end. What stands out for us is that that the client’s wife who was sceptical about the usability of the system all through the build process is now the primary user of the system.