Woodland View Holiday Apartment: Hi-Tech Holiday Breaks in the “Garden of Wales”

James Bliss, CEDIA's EMEA Brand and Communications Manager, tells us about a showroom visit to CEDIA Member Alpha Touch's facility.


Showroom experiences across the custom installation industry can really vary: from walls of product options to full room sets, there are a multitude of ways that integrators can present their offerings. One common thread in these experiences is hinted in the title, showroom. Being shown technology, even experiencing it for an hour-long tour, is not the same as truly living in an integrated home.



When visiting CEDIA Member Alpha Touch earlier this year, I had an utterly different experience; the “showroom” has been taken to the next level by creating a fully integrated ground floor apartment that is available for holiday rental and allows guests to actually “live” in an integrated home at their leisure.

The Woodland View Holiday Apartment is both a showroom for Alpha Touch and holiday letting: what is on offer is a luxury Self-Catering experience, with fantastic hosting from the on-site team of Jill and Adrian, and the beautiful backdrop of Carmarthenshire set to the Western border of the Brecon Beacons. Décor, fixtures and fittings are high end, and provisions like toiletries and delicious local produce (the honey is delightful!) add a luxurious touch.



What really sets the residence apart is the integrated technology. Smart locks keep the apartment secure, allowing keyless entry for guests. Lighting is all controlled using the keypads in each room, with scenes pre-programmed to show the flexibility of the lighting design. Media is easily controlled using the Control4 remote, with in-ceiling speakers throughout. There is even a small private home cinema for visitors to have a cosy night in and experience a professionally designed entertainment space.

With Jill and Adrian living on-site, and the Alpha Touch office here too, not only is the service fantastic from a holiday perspective, but the technology can be explained to all visitors and used as a showroom whenever vacant.



The sales opportunity here is an excellent soft sell. In the “Garden of Wales” - an already popular and ever-growing destination for short breaks - the quality of the accommodation sets it apart from the competition and will attract visitors aligned to Alpha Touch’s client base. If visitors like the technology experience, they now know where to go to learn more and take the next steps towards their own integrated home. The space can also be used to let current and prospective clients live the integrated experience; a fantastic conversion tool for clients that aren’t quite sold yet.



I was invited to a complimentary stay at the Woodland View Holiday Apartment. The opinions in this article are my own.